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Halloweekly Horror Podcast

Funny guy Nick and walking encyclopedia George take on all things horror in this weekly podcast that challenges tired horror topics and tropes and turns them on their head. Listen and laugh as this dynamic duo takes a deep dive into stories that thrill and chill, cut and gut. You’ll never see your favorite genre the same way again.

Oct 28, 2017

We're excited to bring you this interview with screenwriter, actor and horror host Jared Rivet, whose feature film Jackals just hit the theaters/VOD and is also available on Blu-ray and dvd from Scream Factory. 

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Jared on Twitter: 

Oct 26, 2017

Are Halloween 4, 5, 6: The Most Fascinating & Flawed Trilogy in Horror Movie History? It's very possible! Join us as we return to Haddonfield, join the Thorn cult, discuss Donald Pleasance's Halloween limit (he said he'd do 19 of them God bless him!) and try to figure out what the hell is going on with Michael's...

Oct 21, 2017

A fresh tale has been released by the Tell-Tale Clock & Halloweekly. You will surely enjoy getting captured in it’s sinister web.

LADY KILLER by Jenny Beres, follows Kristen — dutiful wife and mother— as she uncovers a dark truth lurking right in her own back yard.

Read on. If you dare. 


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Oct 18, 2017

Film critic Kenneth Turan recently wrote an article called "Why this film critic gave up on horror movies"

Although he (we think disingenuously) framed the entire thing as an entirely personal choice, of course...

Oct 14, 2017

Strange things have been happening in the town of Willow Creek... 

By the Blood Moon's Light by Rebekah Faubion
Art by Aileen Hill