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Halloweekly Horror Podcast

Funny guy Nick and walking encyclopedia George take on all things horror in this weekly podcast that challenges tired horror topics and tropes and turns them on their head. Listen and laugh as this dynamic duo takes a deep dive into stories that thrill and chill, cut and gut. You’ll never see your favorite genre the same way again.

Sep 28, 2017

A Halloweekly Original: The Harvest King

Our first original short horror story, by the amazingly talented A.V. Grizinski. 

There are few stories that chill your bones with a whisper, rather than a guttural scream.This is one of those stories. Listen if you dare...


The Harvest King takes mercy on no one.



Sep 27, 2017

Anaconda is another pleasant surprise in the How Low Can We Go series, featuring Danny Trejo, a flaming snake, one of the best horror villains of the 90's, Ice Cube listening to his own music, and fish RIVER STYLE, this movie is much better than its reputation suggests. 


Sep 23, 2017

In this episode we examine who the best horror directors active in the field RIGHT NOW might be. 

Let us know yours by posting on our Facebook page here:


Sep 19, 2017

Move over T Rex and Jaws, we might have a new favorite animal in a horror movie: Thor! 

Halloweekly reviews 1996's Bad Moon

Sep 17, 2017

Mother! Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Mother, Javier Bardem as Him, Random Frog as Frog, and Kristen Wiig as Organized Religion. 

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