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Halloweekly Horror Podcast

Funny guy Nick and walking encyclopedia George take on all things horror in this weekly podcast that challenges tired horror topics and tropes and turns them on their head. Listen and laugh as this dynamic duo takes a deep dive into stories that thrill and chill, cut and gut. You’ll never see your favorite genre the same way again.

Apr 27, 2018

This week Nick and George talk about the Halloween 2018 teaser, Halloweekys interactive horror game Tell-Tale Midnight and why Westworld should be on every horror fans radar.


3:04 - Halloween Teaser 

10:00 - Patreon Interactive Horror Game

12:46 - Westworld recap

Apr 20, 2018

shhhhh.....this week nick and george talk about a quiet place....

Apr 13, 2018

After getting HYPED from the trailer for The Meg Nick and George needed giant animal horror fix asap! Which brings us to this super underrated gem....Rogue



Time stamps

1:48 - The HW groups favorite giant animal movies.

7:51 - 60 Second Review

11:23 - Talking about the film

26:45 - Best and Worst Part

35:00 - Who's...

Apr 5, 2018

This week Nick & George review The Unborn (2009) for their How Low Can We GO series. 10% on Rotten Tomatoes? Not even close....kinda.



3:07 - 60 second review.

6:25 - Diving into the film.

29:06 - Where do we rate it?

34:32 - Whats the worst horror movie villain name?

45:08 - Whats the best Platinum Dunes...

Apr 3, 2018

This week Nick and George talk to Garin Sparks about underrated horror films and get some behind the scenes look at some of their favorite horror films!